It’s long overdue

It’s long overdue

Hi, we’re finally doing this. You deserve to know everything.

We’ve talked about it for a while, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened before now.

It’s time…to introduce you to the rest of our team!

Seriously, we have an incredible team of experts who are helping raise the bar at Hendershott Wealth Management.

We realized a little while ago that we haven’t introduced everyone to all of our clients and subscribers.

What we’ve known for a long time though is that we couldn’t serve you at the level we do today without these amazing women.

Maybe you’ve met at least one or two members of the team (or maybe you’re one of the rare ones who’s actually met everyone).

Just in case you haven’t been introduced, here are four of our key leaders you need to know…

Amy Hamer is our Chief of Staff – she knows the ‘who’s who’ and ‘what’s what’ of all-things HWM.

Amy has a foot in both sides of our business – Wealth Management and Profits Coaching.

Jen Rupp is our Senior Advisor and Lead Cash Flow Coach. As a Senior Advisor, Jen plays an integral role for our wealth management clients by providing advice, analysis and support on a daily basis.

Jen also helps deliver coaching on all areas of financial planning and collaborates with cash flow coaches to build custom Profit First cash flow automation plans in our Money Blueprint℠ Program.

Alyssa Hause is the financial advisor to clients in our Ignite Investing® program.

Alyssa also handles most of our backend financial processes, like bookkeeping, cash flow management, and other key responsibilities. (She’s also Hilary’s sister!)

Zoe Wimmers is our newest Paraplanner. She has taken and passed the Series 65 exam* to be a licensed Investment Advisor Representative at HWM and will soon sit for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam.

Zoe also provides the initial coaching and support for business owner clients in our Money Blueprint℠ Program.

We live in different areas across the U.S., but there’s one key experience we all share that you’ve likely experienced as well.

You may have felt disempowered, stuck, and confused with your money in the past.

Maybe you even saw how much of a ‘good ol’ boys club’ that financial planning still is.

Maybe you saw finances as a complicated challenge that you’ll never solve.

We know how you feel.

It’s what inspired us to join Hilary on this journey to empower more women to become true money mavens.

We see our team as a true collection of experts – mavens in every financial question or challenge you may be facing in your life and business.

We’re here to serve you – to create a no-judgment place for you to ask any question or share any situation or doubt you may be facing.

Most importantly, we’re here to show you what’s possible, and yes, there’s more in your future than you can even imagine.

You’ll see more posts and messages from our team to help you become a true financial maven for 2022 and beyond.

To your prosperity,

The HWM Mavens

*Does not imply a certain level of skill or training.