5 critical mindsets for extraordinary financial success


Hi, it’s Hilary, and I recently interviewed Ron Reich, marketing consultant to some of the industry’s biggest successes, for my Profit Boss® Radio podcast.

Ron created the Genius Profit System (GPS) that’s helping mission-driven entrepreneurs scale from six figures to seven figures. The conversation we had was so incredibly illuminating that I wanted you to hear all about it, even if you only consume my messages in print form!

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During our conversation, we talked about five key traits that seven-figure entrepreneurs possess that propel them from six-figure ceilings to that true million-dollar breakthrough.

Ron has the inside scoop because he sees the internal workings of the minds and businesses of people at every level.

And today, I want you to hear about it from me!

But before I share these five pillars, you need to know there are a few basic building blocks that must be in place.

The difference between the six-figure entrepreneur and a seven-figure entrepreneur is about the mindset first.

Without these starting points, making that jump from six figures to seven figures is extremely difficult, if not impossible:

  • You need to believe it’s possible. Not in a ‘pie in the sky’ type of blind belief, but a deep commitment to working toward a new reality.
  • You need to believe you are capable of doing it.
  • You need to have the motivation. You need to really want it. Every day.

The money part validates the mindset, but without the mindset, that jump truly doesn’t happen by accident.

If you’re doing all the right things in your business, you’re probably making good profit, and solid revenues.

But with the right mindset in place, you can then focus on five pillars to push into seven-figure success.

These five pillars are what will take you from six-figure success to actual millionaire status. Can I share those with you?

Pillar 1: Do what is necessary.

Seven-figure entrepreneurs do what needs to be done. Don’t wish things were different or try to convince others (or yourself) that you’re the exception to this rule.

Stay focused on what’s important and ask for what you need. If that’s a struggle for you, try my “No” Challenge – go out and ask for enough things that you get told “No!” at least 100 times.

I know, it may be scary, but, you will be surprised how many yeses you get along the way!

Get comfortable with hearing “No!” so you can keep asking for what you want.

Pillar 2: Give the extra 3%.

Seven-figure players go the extra mile with everything. Once you know what’s necessary, it’s about being relentlessly focused on those things and giving it 103% (that number was hard to type for my math brain, but you get what I mean!).

Pillar 3: Have an Antifragile Mindset.

This concept is from a book called Antifragile by Nassim Taleb.

Imagine a box marked “Antifragile” with a vase inside. If you shake the box, instead of the vase breaking it actually gets stronger.

Seven-figure entrepreneurs who relate to obstacles and challenges like opportunities are like the “Antifragile” vase, and fare far better in business.

Instead of breaking when things get upended, they get stronger and more resilient.

Having an Antifragile mindset means you never dwell on obstacles, costs, or negativity – that’s what makes you stronger.

You’re better in your business, your practices, and your relationships because of the challenges. You take those challenges as gifts that cement your success into the future.

Pillar 4: Be relentlessly process-focused and control the things that are controllable.

Want to reach seven-figure success? Control what only you can control. Sales calls, podcast interviews, content you create and share.

For example, if you need to sign one new coaching client, you need to generate sales calls. What’s your process for controlling those outcomes? You need X-amount of sales prospects that convert to sales calls with a known percentage of those calls converting into actual coaching clients.

Have a process, be relentless with your process, and only worry about controlling what you can.

Pillar 5: Energy is power. Physiology controls your psychology.

Working all day long is one of the most inefficient ways of using your energy. So many studies on high-level business people, world-class athletes, and high-performing personalities show us that we’re wired to do about four to five hours of focused actual work a day.

Some of the most successful people I know (read: seven-figure-plus entrepreneurs) use the rest of their day to maximize their energy and fully execute on those 4.5 hours of focused work.

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To your prosperity,

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