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We offer comprehensive, ongoing wealth management including the construction and continual monitoring of a professionally managed investment portfolio.

Around these portfolios we wrap consultative services to grow our clients’ assets, minimize tax liability, and help them avoid costly financial mistakes.

It is through this level of relationship we’ve earned a pristine track record of success with our clients.

Our Process

All three steps in our initial series of meetings are complimentary. We invest in you to maximize the chances of building a valuable partnership. If at any point in the process we feel we’re not the right fit for you, we promise to let you know with tact and transparency.

Step One

Schedule a 20 Minute Call

This 20-minute call gives us the opportunity to learn a little about you, understand why you’re reaching out to a financial advisor now, and gain a high-level summary of your current financial picture and goals. During this call we ensure your financial needs match our services and expertise.

Step Two

This virtual conversation is usually hosted via Zoom and takes approximately 60 minutes.

This is our opportunity to find out what we need to know about you – your family, goals, and financials. This helps us build a meaningful plan that can evolve with you. During this meeting, we’ll talk about what you may expect as a client and how we will partner with you. This conversation is essential to our partnership.

To help us prepare adequately, we’ll ask you to send us relevant financial documents beforehand via a secure online portal.

Step Three

This virtual conversation is usually hosted via Zoom and also takes approximately 60 minutes. We ask for one week of time between meetings.

Between Step Two and Step Three, we will apply what we’ve learned about your goals and resources to what we know from years of working with clients and investment markets. In our Investment Plan meeting, we’ll present an investment plan that maximizes your chances of achieving what is important to you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask all the questions you’d like about the plan, our process, our firm, and what it’s like to be a client.

We designed this series of meetings so you will know what you need to know about working with us as your wealth management team. At the same time, we’ll both know if we want to move forward and create a working partnership.
Of course, great partnerships start with a meeting, so we hope you take the first step now by scheduling your initial call.

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