Diversified Investment Portfolios

Trust Globally Diversified Portfolios

Imagine having all the financial freedom you crave right now…

This desire – this end goal – is what we want all of our clients to experience. It’s what inspires us to run our practice differently than other financial advisors.

This is all possible with a well-built, data-driven investment approach using our diversified portfolios.

How Globally Diversified Portfolios Work

Because putting all your eggs in one basket is never wise
Wisdom-Based, Research-Backed Investment Portfolio Management

Every portfolio we build for our clients is based on almost a century of data, analysis, and research. Your Investment Committee is composed of many financial academics and professionals including Larry Swedroe, a recognized author in the financial world. We are true fiduciaries (read: actually objective advisors), and we make investment choices on your behalf that are best for you.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Return

We take a snapshot of your current financial situation. We can then adjust your portfolio to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. This includes understanding what a healthy risk tolerance looks like for you.

Our philosophy seeks to manage and reduce risk through a prudent, four-step approach that includes:

  • Global diversification to capture the performance of the global stock market
  • Investing in a wide array of companies to avoid over-exposure to any single stock, sector or industry
  • Combining different categories of companies and investments that respond differently to various market conditions
  • Mixing in high-quality, short-term bonds to smooth out market swings and your investing experience
Long-Term Focused Investment Portfolios

How do we help you stay focused on the long-term perspective without letting short-term volatility hijack your financial plan? As behavioral advisors, we recognize the human side of building your nest egg for the future. We partner with our clients to provide great education to help you stay safer when the stock market feels like a rollercoaster. When those times do happen, we’re here to help you stay grounded and focused on the end goal.

More Value, Minimal Expenses

Lower Costs

Our investment portfolios cost 0.26% or less, far less than the industry average of 0.5% – 1.0%. 


Our portfolios apply not one, but two overlays to help minimize your taxes on short-term capital gains and non-qualified dividend income:

  • Your taxable accounts will be invested in tax-managed mutual funds and tax-efficient exchange traded funds (ETFs). The underlying holdings in those investments are managed by the fund manager to keep capital gains low.
  • When rebalancing the mutual funds and ETFs in your taxable accounts, we analyze the amount of taxes that may be generated from the trades and aim to keep those low when possible. We also use tax-loss harvesting in individual client accounts when appropriate.

No Conflicts of Interest

Since we are independent, fiduciary financial investment advisors, our clients never pay commissions and we always act in your best interest.

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