Our Approach & Fees

Working with a Financial Advisor

We Make it Easy, Intentional, and Empowering

We aim to treat you like we want to be treated. Your trust may be the most valuable asset to our firm. Trust and finances have a dynamic relationship. If trust erodes, finances fail and relationships break. Being a fiduciary means we value your investments, attention, time, and most of all, trust with utmost care.
Most importantly, the relationship with your Financial Advisor should be built on trust.
You don’t want just a wealth manager – you need a true financial partnership built around your goals and future. What you also don’t need is an inexperienced advisor who’s testing the latest theories on your portfolio. We bring decades of experience helping clients just like you navigate all the seasons and situations of life and the stock market.

A person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their clients’ interest ahead of their own, with a duty to preserve good faith and trust. Being a fiduciary thus requires being bound both legally and ethically to act in the other’s best interests.

Our Approach to Wealth Management

Our relationship with you is one of trust, honor, and mutual respect. We want all clients to experience a life that is better as a result of working with us. After all, your success is our success. We are in this together.
Personalized Financial Insight That Fits Your Future Goals

One-size-fits-all rarely works for clothing – why would anyone think that’s a great approach to your money? You deserve personalized insight for making informed decisions for your financial future.

Minimized Tax Liabilities - Because Uncle Sam Isn’t Always Great with Money

We believe that minimizing your tax obligation is one of our clearest opportunities to add value. Our bench of advisors possesses a depth of knowledge on the topic that from our experience, is rare in the industry. In almost every case we are able to provide meaningful cost savings, strategies to increase their net worth or both for our clients over time through proactive tax planning.

World-Class Investment Experience

We combine decades of data and our experience to empower you with the right information. Your Investment Committee works hard to build low-cost, high-performing, well-diversified portfolios of investments. The end goal? A portfolio built to weather any market cycle.

Intentional Care for Your Finances Beyond This Life

Almost no one loves the idea of estate and legacy planning, but when we do it right, your family and loved ones will know you cared about their future more than anyone else.

We Are a Fee-Only Fiduciary Financial Planner

You’ll never pay commissions.

At Hendershott Wealth Management, we are a fee-only fiduciary financial planner. What does that mean in everyday terms? It means you’ll never pay commissions. Ever. You don’t have to worry about kickbacks or bonuses because we’re selling you one financial product over another.

It means 100% transparency on how we take care of you and how it impacts your money. We go to great lengths to keep costs reasonable for our clients. We provide portfolio trading costs in line with industry standards. We would never use a mutual fund with sales charges, like 12b-1 or any kind of front-end or back-end loads. We also offer rare tax-managed mutual funds for after-tax brokerage accounts.

How do we make a living? Simple. By charging a percentage of the assets that we manage on your behalf.

Since we’re true fiduciaries, our success is automatically tied to your portfolio’s success. In some cases, we charge a flat annual fee for our work, and if you have questions, you can see your investment returns with transparent reporting. That helps you know exactly what you’re paying.
No surprises. No hidden charges. Just full transparency. We like it that way – and we know you will, too.
HWM has chosen to partner with Buckingham Strategic Partners (BSP) to provide our clients with access to a diverse array of investment solutions, resources and specialists who expertly evaluate findings from academic research and apply that learning to develop investment strategy recommendations.
BSP manages more than $36 billion in investor savings. BSP’s diverse and experienced Investment Committee brings more than 100 years of combined industry experience and therefore tremendous intellectual capital to our client portfolios–a value that cannot be overstated.
While our firm is notably independent, we are also uncommonly united in the Buckingham philosophy of embracing the highest fiduciary standard to ensure investors and their families realize their financial futures.
As such, HWM clients will see Buckingham assess a separate fee to encompass not only the above mentioned services but also access to personalized investment solutions such as custom bond ladders and multiple Separately Managed Account (SMA) options that can provide customized investment solutions with tax management capabilities where appropriate.
The combined fee our clients pay is approximately average in the industry.
We and Buckingham Strategic Partners (BSP) charge an ongoing management fee on all assets under management. Fees are paid quarterly, in advance and directly from investment accounts. On our tiered fee schedule, as your asset values increase in your account(s), your fee percentage for each tier of assets decreases. Below is our fee schedule. At our discretion, we may offer a different fee schedule.
Our Fee
Up to $2M
$2M - $5M
$5M - $10M
Above $10M
Up to $500k
$500k - $1M
$1M - $5M
Above $5M
Combined Fee Rate
Up to $500k
$500k - $1M
$1M - $2M
$2M - $5M
$5M - $10M
Above $10M

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