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At Hendershott Wealth Management, we intentionally offer a comprehensive and holistic list of retirement planning services to fit your needs. That’s just the starting line. As we build your personalized financial plan together, we’ll identify which services may be best for your future.

That said, who doesn’t like to do a little window shopping until we’re ready? Here’s a sneak peek of all the ways we help our clients (translation: you!) take the right step forward.

Wealth Management Services

At the core of our offering, we aggregate and invest your nest egg. In addition to building investment portfolios, we also provide these services:
Retirement Planning
  • We understand that you want the freedom to design your retirement in ways that fit your life, resources, abilities and desires. We’ll help you plan it your way.
  • Our retirement plans are flexible and effective, and at the same time they are informed by academic evidence and research.
  • Our comprehensive advice on insurance, taxes, spending, saving, employer benefits, Social Security, Medicare, education planning, real estate, inflation, the economy and more serves to keep you on the right path as well as protect the investment portfolio we’ve built for you.
  • Our partnership with you becomes the backbone of your ideal retirement years. 
Investment Services
  • We construct and monitor evidence-based, well-diversified portfolios designed to support your unique needs, time horizon and risk tolerance.
  • We perform ongoing rebalancing using a proactive approach to tax planning that seeks to minimize your tax liability over time.
  • We offer review and reallocation of investments within your employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as a 401(k), 403(b), etc.
  • We provide detailed tax and diversification planning for all equity compensation you may receive, including RSUs, ESPP, ISOs, NSOs, etc. 
Tax Liability Insights
  • We believe tax strategy is one of the biggest levers we can use to protect your assets. Therefore, we have invested heavily in in-house tools and education that allows us to offer you far more tax planning than the vast majority of other firms like ours.
  • We will proactively review your tax return and offer a complete report of your opportunities to minimizing income tax.
  • We are available to work with your tax preparer to minimize your tax bill.
  • We include tax-advantaged investments in your taxable portfolio and solutions for new tax laws that can affect your situation.
Risk Management & Insurance Insights
  •  Too many people make the mistake of thinking their investments are the only place they are taking risk in their financial lives. We are experts at showing you how to transfer, minimize and avoid meaningful risks, which protects your assets from losses, liability and unplanned outcomes.
  • We will offer you insurance recommendations including home, life, health, long-term care, auto, and umbrella. We don’t sell insurance, but we know a thing or two about how it can work for you.
Education Planning
  • We offer to advise on the most appropriate type of education planning accounts at no additional cost (because it’s hard enough to pay for college). 
  • We use sophisticated software that helps you understand how your children can get a great education at an affordable price. This specialized tool demystifies financial aid, which will enable your student to find schools that will give them the most free money so they can graduate debt free and enrich their lives as they move onto the next stage. By helping to ensure that every student can have access to an affordable college education, we can lower anxiety on one of our clients’ top concerns: how to pay the college bill.
Estate and Legacy Plans
  • We offer compassionate, comprehensive guidance to help you know how to set up your estate and legacy for generations to come.
  • We can connect with you, your heirs, and your family attorney to ensure everything is coordinated.
  • Analysis and monitoring of your legacy plans, including:
    • Monitoring account beneficiaries
    • Assistance in transferring assets to your family trust
    • Guidance with the necessary and appropriate steps in the event of the passing of someone you love
Real Estate Investment Planning
  • We help you understand and plan for transaction costs, taxes, opportunity and holding costs. 
  • Detailed mortgage analysis and services, including analysis of amortization schedule, whether you should refinance, and referrals to Reverse Mortgage and traditional mortgage specialists.
Cash Flow Automation Plans (Budgets)
  • Because we are Profit First Certified Professionals, we create cash flow plans for you based on the Profit First methodology.
  • Our plans  are an elegant alternative to budgeting and give you the ability to allocate your money to all of your financial goals automatically.
  • In our experience, anyone can create a budget, but no one – including us – enjoys following one!
Communication With Us
  • We are available to you during business hours and give you advice on what steps to take next.
  • We proactively offer timely perspective and analysis of legislative, economic and political events.
  • Unlike with most financial advisors, you get unlimited phone and email communication – we want to hear from you!

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