How much are you worth?


Hi, it’s your Money Mavens, and we need to talk about how much you’re worth…

No, we’re not talking about your bank accounts…

Nor your portfolio size…

Not even your income, your assets, or anything else having to do with money.

We’re talking about your self-worth. Do you love yourself?

Do you see yourself as worthy of having the life you desire?

The most valuable investment you may ever make is being more loving in how you think about and talk about yourself.

Having financial knowledge is great… but it doesn’t guarantee financial freedom.

Being a high-income earner is a big advantage… but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be happy and fulfilled in life.

You can make all the money in the world and still feel trapped in the same cycle of broken behavior…

Unless you explore and discover your inner beliefs, thoughts, and actions that you hold surrounding money.

The problem is so many business owners suffer from a lack of self-love.

It’s not always so easy to spot, but it can look like this:

    • Undercharging for your value and services or products
    • Ignoring your account balances
    • Overspending
    • Staying in debt
    • Choosing to stay unaware of your financial picture
    • Living at a lifestyle level that isn’t sustainable
    • Putting off saving
    • Not opening your bills

All of those actions telegraph that you’re not sure you’re worthy of financial freedom.

The real reason why you don’t have the financial results you desire may be because you lack self-love.

Because you don’t feel worthy of taking care of your money and giving it the attention and extra time it deserves.

So, you settle for less and find yourself sticking your head in the sand hoping you’ll ‘make it’ someday.

But you have the power to change this. You don’t have to continue living this way.

It’s time to reshape those core beliefs and thoughts. Self-love is the foundation for every decision you may ever make in life.

If you want to take charge of your financial future, you need to start working on your inner self.

What does it look like practically to build greater self-love and a healthier relationship with money?

    1. Slow down your thoughts and become aware of your thoughts and actions surrounding money. Write down what you find yourself saying and believing about money.
    2. Do you have a story around money? Take a few moments to reflect on that story.
    3. Take a look at your money frustrations. What are you really upset about: the lack of financial freedom or the habits or beliefs beyond those frustrations?
    4. Think about how you look after your money. What areas need attention? How could you show up for your money better?
    5. Is there a daily or weekly action you can take to better look after your money? It doesn’t need to be complex or time-consuming, maybe committing to checking your accounts more frequently or setting a monthly savings goal.

Growing in self-love starts with one step. Then, another. And another.

It’s a relationship that needs work, but there’s a magical experience…

When you start loving yourself more, you start valuing yourself more.

Your wellbeing, your fulfillment, even how you see opportunities around you will be better with greater self-love.

This is how you can create the financial freedom you desire on your terms.

You do deserve a better life – it starts by loving who you are and loving you could be.

To your prosperity,
Your HWM Money Mavens


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