Morning routines = profit potential


Hi, Hilary here, and I love having a morning routine. Some of it I’m proud of, and some of it is just parentally necessary.

My morning routine probably looks a lot like yours, a whirlwind of:

  • Getting my five-year-old daughter Harlyn breakfast
  • Brewing my first (of many) cups of coffee
  • Trying to do 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation
  • And, simply getting Harlyn somewhat presentable, in the car, and on time to school without getting yelled at by the ladies policing the dropoff line.
  • Hitting the gym for resistance training and running
  • Reviewing my annual and quarterly goals, schedule for the week, and the projects and deliverables my team is working on right now.

That’s life as a business owner – kickstarting your morning is one of the best ways to be your most productive self.

After working with hundreds of business owners like yourself, I noticed a big profit loss with morning routines.

Yes, your morning routine probably includes some type of exercising, coffee (Nutpods creamer is a must-have for me, and it’s shelf stable until you open it so I even stuff boxes of it in my suitcase when I travel!), maybe reading, browsing, and connection time with your partner and kids (if you have any).

Guess what’s missing from that window? Actively improving your relationship with money.

There’s one part of my morning routine that I didn’t mention…

Every morning, I open my various money apps and portals and review balances as well as the previous days’ transactions. I take any actions necessary based on what I find there.

Knowledge is power! With this everyday insight, you will be more likely to make better financial decisions in the moment.

There are three activities that I recommend including in your morning routine.

1. Setting your intentions.

January is right around the corner. Set annual goals for 2022 now and then, create Q1 milestones to help you fulfill those goals.

You can create daily habits or projects that will maximize your chance of meeting those goals.

Read your annual and quarterly goals every morning. Now, you know what to mentally prepare for as you get ready for the day.

2. Check your bank accounts and credit card portals.

So many business owners stay stuck in Ostrich Syndrome – “If I bury my head in the sand, then I won’t have to wonder what’s going on with my finances.”

That’s when financial ‘surprises’ happen – and not the good kind of surprises.

Checking your bank accounts and credit card balances every day helps you stay informed.

Specifically, this habit has two incredible benefits – proactive and preventative.

Part of developing a powerful relationship with money is having intimate knowledge of your current numbers.

  • How much is in each of your bank accounts today?
  • What is your credit card balance today?

It will also help you identify transactions that may be financial fraud.

Reviewing your balances and transactions every day takes less than five minutes. (Just think: it’s only five fewer minutes of Instagram scrolling!)

But, the payoff means you can know exactly where you are financially – and what’s happening in each of your accounts.

3. Money Affirmations.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” — Muhammad Ali

If affirmations are good for The Greatest Boxer of All Time, it’s good for you.

Can I share a secret? I felt silly and awkward the first time I said my money affirmations.

What helped me (and will help you) is knowing that I was already saying disempowering silly and awkward beliefs to myself about money!

And chances are you’re doing the same thing too.

You can change that disbelief into a powerful Money Operating System® for your mind.

Here are a few money affirmations to try out:

  • “I am a money magnet! Money flows to me continuously and easily.”
  • “I increase my net worth by at least $200,000 every year.”
  • “Profitable and happy clients hire me all the time.”
  • “Money is easy to make, keep, and grow.”
  • “I easily and powerfully command large amounts of money into my life.”
  • “I am so grateful for the financial resources I have.”

If you’re thinking… “But, Hilary, none of those affirmations are believable for me! I’m so far away from any of those being true about me!”

The truth is money affirmations aren’t about who you are right now – they’re about who you are choosing to be in the world.

You can take the money affirmations above and rework them into questions.

Instead of “I am a money magnet!” you can ask yourself, “How can I become a money magnet today?”

Reading your money affirmations every morning will help set your mind up for success.

With enough repetition, your affirmations can grow into true beliefs, which influence your thoughts and actions.

How do I know this works?

Every single financial skill and success I have happened because I changed what I was telling myself about money.

I transformed my financial life from $600,000 in debt and a 400 FICO store to my current multi-million dollar net worth.

It all started with how I talked to myself and others about what I believe to be true about money.

Your words matter!

Add these money-related rituals to your morning routine and watch your numbers grow!

To your prosperity,

P.S. – I’d love to hear what new money-related rituals you’re adding to your morning routine. Hit reply and share all the details so I can celebrate with you. Who knows? You may have an amazing idea that others would love to learn about as well!


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