Worried about inflation? protect my portfolio value without taking unwise risks


Hey, it’s your Money Mavens, and we’ve all seen the news…

It’s the same theme on every major news network. It’s what’s driving prices at the gas pump and on the dinner plate.

If you’ve paid any amount of attention to the financial world over the past month or so, you probably picked up on an important growing theme…


It’s that not-so-magical place where your hard-earned dollar doesn’t carry as much value as it did last year or even a few short months ago.

The good news is inflation and deflation are natural by-products of an ever-evolving economy.

That may not necessarily make you feel better knowing your money’s value may be lower than expected. We understand – and we feel your frustration.

A lot of investors try to ‘time the market’ – move investments around to try to hedge against lost value from inflation – but that is a highly risky approach. In fact, we wouldn’t call that investing nearly as much as speculating. That approach tries to guess what the market will do next in relation to inflation… and it can cause significant damage.

The question you’re probably now wondering is, “If inflation keeps going up, and timing the market isn’t exactly a wise strategy, then how do I protect my portfolio value without taking unwise risks?”

Great question!

When Hilary started Hendershott Wealth Management, we committed to helping you understand what’s really affecting your wealth – and how we can make it better.

There are three key factors that are affecting inflation heading into this summer:

    1. The U.S. Federal Reserve’s monetary policy
    2. Unemployment rates around the world
    3. Hyperinflation in key regions of the world

In fact, Hilary wrote an article for TheStreet.com a few months ago that can help you understand each of these three factors.

It takes less than five minutes to read…

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Inflation doesn’t have to be scary, especially when we have a plan for it.

To your prosperity,
Your HWM Money Mavens

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