Your worst job offer


Hi, Can we talk about one of the worst job offers I’ve ever heard of?

I personally couldn’t believe how bad this offer was.

You’ll have to:

  • Work 60-100 hours a week…
  • Be available every waking hour of the day (and sometimes throughout the night)…
  • There’s a chance you could lead a team, but you’ll be the one ultimately responsible for any mistake your team makes and pay them out of your pocket.

Oh, and the big part?

You’ll be paid minimum wage. If you get paid at all.

If I really made you that job offer, you would probably:

Be offended – I know I would!

Laugh in my face – I would probably also do that to myself.

Reject my offer out of hand. No questions.

That sounds like an awful job offer, right? Who in their right mind would say “Yes!” to even considering that offer?

Business owners.

Our team meets hundreds of business owners every year who are trading countless hours a week to run their businesses – while still paying themselves less than minimum wage.

Most business owners don’t pay themselves enough to live on, let alone save and invest for the future.

There’s just one problem…

This situation often has little to do with actual cash flow. Or generating enough revenue. Or even how long you’ve been in business.

The real root of this minimum-wage mistake is your subconscious beliefs.

You’re conscious of the choices you make, but even when you’re aware of your decisions, they’re still being guided by your subconscious mind.

Every financial decision you’ve ever made is influenced by what you believe to be true about money.

We call this your Money Operating System® and it stems from how you were raised and what you experienced as a child.

How does this show up in your life and business? With ideas and phrases like this:

  • “I can’t take money out of the business to pay myself.”
  • “I don’t deserve to get paid like a CEO.”
  • “I shouldn’t pay myself more because I need to reinvest in the business. I’ll be fine. Really.”
  • “I can’t pay myself right now. I have too many bills to pay!”
  • “It’s greedy to take more money out of the business for myself.”

The truth is you are worth being paid generously. You have an expertise – and you deserve to be paid for your level of expertise.

In fact, you’re doing your business a massive disservice if you’re not compensating yourself based on your worth.

“But, what does that even look like practically?”

Think of it this way: many business owners treat money like it’s a zero-sum game. If you transfer $100 out of your business and into your personal bank account, then, that’s $100 you won’t have available to invest in growing your business.

That’s a huge mistake because you are investing in growing your business.

You’re investing in yourself.

Being generously compensated for your work can empower you to show up at a higher level.

Your clients, prospects, team members, even complete strangers who turn as you walk by will notice your investment.

It shows up as less stress, greater confidence, maybe a newer, fresher look, and a more abundant persona to everyone you meet.

Every business should be professionally run as if the owner (you) were planning to sell it someday.

This means you need to be paying yourself a wage that could be redirected to paying someone else if you choose to replace yourself as CEO.

All you need to do is start paying yourself better.

Start with a percentage of revenue that you feel comfortable with, maybe that’s 10% of revenue right now, maybe it’s less.

Set up a separate bank account – we call this your “Owner’s Pay” account – where you can transfer this percentage.

Review after six months or so and see if you can increase that percentage.

The key is assigning true purpose for every dollar that comes into your business.

And remember, you deserve to be paid well from your business – and not have to work for minimum wage ever again.

To your prosperity,
The HWM Mavens


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