EP 100 | Announcing Ignite Investing®

EP 100 | Announcing Ignite Investing®

Welcome to the 100th episode! It feels surreal that my initial dream to start a podcast has transformed into a movement of women taking ownership of their finances. While more and more women are feeling empowered by their wealth, a whopping 71% of women still have all of their money in cash. Investing feels like some kind of impenetrable black box, and for many of our listeners in the middle of their financial growth journey, it can be cost prohibitive to take advantage of a financial planner. I’ve been listening to you, the ProfitBoss community, and I have developed a service that will start your investment journey with the same level of service and confidence I give my own clients. Here it is: Ignite Investing®!  

Ignite Investing would not exist without the dedication and hard work of Jen Rupp. Jen has a degree in Economics and Finance, over a decade of experience in financial planning, and the same vision to help women start their investments with a strong foundation. Over the past 9 months, Jen and I have developed the Ignite Investment platform, a space for women to get the exact same premium service that we provide at Hilary Hendershott Service Co without the $500,000 savings minimum. You will have access to a custom portfolio, real-time investment advice, and the backing of several investment agencies that have withstood the test of time. If this sounds like the next step in your journey to financial freedom, you do not want to miss this episode. Jen and I are going to explain how Ignite Investing® is not only possible but an incredible value as well.

The vision of the ProfitBoss® Radio community is to empower women with tools to start making decisions about their finances. Ignite Investing® is the natural next step for many of our listeners. Apply today, and start making your money work for you.

  • What if you could connect with an investing program that’s built on personalized service?
  • What if you only need $25,000 in investable assets to start investing?
  • What if you could work with a dedicated financial advisor who knows you, your financial goals and can create a customized Wealth Plan for you to follow?

Ignite Investing® is an exciting offer from Hendershott Wealth Management. Our team provides professionally constructed portfolios with your specific financial goals in mind and we offer personalized financial planning advice on how to make the most of your money.

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<style=”font-size: 28px class=”text-align-left”>WE DESIGNED IGNITE INVESTING® TO PROVIDE YOU WITH SEVERAL KEY BENEFITS:

  • Comprehensive financial advice from a trusted source who is a fee-only fiduciary advisor (and always has been) so you can know any insight is shared with your best interests in mind. With over 30 years of investment experience, our team is among the best in our field.
  • Customized advice built around your one-page annual Financial Action Checklist with specific recommendations you can implement over the course of the next year.
  • Access to a professionally constructed investment portfolio not available to retail customers, only available through fee-only fiduciary advisors like us.
  • Ignite Learning Center: You have questions, and we have answers! Because we are selective about who can join Ignite, we’re able to answer most common questions in this informative resource center that is available exclusively to Ignite members.
  • Access to a virtual, mobile, up-to-date financial dashboard so you can see an overview of your entire financial picture in one place, on your laptop or your mobile device.
  • Clear and concise investment reports on a quarterly basis.
  • Timely response to economic events: If something important to your financial health happens in the news, we’ll be there to share our take on the topic and let you know whether any changes are required in your portfolio.
  • A community of investors in a similar financial state as yourself who you can connect with and encourage in your pursuit of financial freedom.


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