EP 18 | Profit Boss® Radio | Financial Freedom Formula with Joan Sotkin

EP 18 | Profit Boss® Radio | Financial Freedom Formula with Joan Sotkin

In this week’s episode, Joan Sotkin is going to give you some fascinating insights into the emotional side of money. Joan is a prosperity guide, speaker, author, and workshop leader with thirty years of experience researching how our attitudes about money can be a proxy for deeper, often uncomfortable emotions.

Joan joins me this week to explain how her personal journey of uncovering the emotions behind her financial struggles has become a knowledge base that can help you manage your money effectively. If you find money an inherently emotional subject and have wrestled with negative feelings about your finances, Joan’s insights can help you recognize and move past the feelings that are limiting your prosperity and your happiness.

Finally, Joan has a very special gift for you: a way to connect with her keystone teachings for just $10! This is an interview you absolutely do not want to miss!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Joan moved to Santa Fe, NM with only $200 to her name yet built a thriving business.
  • The 5 main feelings people act out through their money.
  • Why you may feel as though you never have enough money (hint: it’s got nothing to do with the money!).
  • How to transcend your old money identity and learn relate to yourself as someone who is wealthy — and good at managing that wealth!
  • And so much more!


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