EP 26 | Profit Boss® Radio | Index Funds: Security AND High Returns, Demystified with Barbara Friedberg

EP 26 | Profit Boss® Radio | Index Funds: Security AND High Returns, Demystified with Barbara Friedberg

I heard your request Profit Boss® community – loud and clear. You asked for a show that focused on index funds and investing expert, Barbara Friedberg, delivers. Barbara pulls back the curtain on a well-kept secret that high-priced investment managers would rather you not know.

You’d be surprised how challenging it is to find a woman who was able to teach us just how evidence-based investing works in our favor.  A former portfolio manager herself, Barbara has decades of experience in the investment industry. She has an MBA and Master of Science in Finance and has taught investments and finance at Santa Clara University and Lebanon Valley College. She’s published several books, including How to Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery and Invest and Beat the Pros.

Barbara and I dig into the differences between active and passive investment strategies. She supplies a wealth of information on exchanged traded funds. Barbara definitely has the heart of a teacher and she shares my passion for helping women take a more active role in their wealth management process.

The investment experts want to you believe that high-growth investing requires professional help. Save the fees charged by expensive money managers and invest that back into your own portfolio. This episode covers a slew of foundational concepts that will broaden your financial IQ!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Simple explanations (zero Wall Street Speak!):
    • What’s a stock?
    • What’s a mutual fund?
    • What’s an ETF?
  • The simple and low-cost way you can earn better returns than most investors in the world (seriously).
  • How to make sure you aren’t putting all of your eggs in one basket.
  • How to follow the #1 Rule of Investing: Buy low and sell high!

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