EP 37 | Profit Boss® Radio | Side Hustles, Upper Limit Problems & $1M Blogs with Caitlin Pyle

EP 37 | Profit Boss® Radio | Side Hustles, Upper Limit Problems & $1M Blogs with Caitlin Pyle

As we jump back into our regular rhythm here at Profit Boss® Radio, I’m excited to start the month with a story about a persistent, successful, and whip-smart woman.

After being fired from her corporate job in a particularly nasty fashion, Caitlin Pyle struggled with self-doubt and depression as she looked for her next career move. Less than two years after the launch of her site Proofread Anywhere, she’s made more than $1 million in revenue and enjoys more financial freedom than she ever could have imagined.

Caitlin is a self-made entrepreneur who’s successfully turned a side-hustle into a career. In this episode, she shares her journey, her love for writing, and the hardships, triumphs, and joys of running her own business. Caitlin has a lot of advice for those of you who may have some mental hurdles to clear before you can access the power and financial independence that you deserve.

To top it all off, Caitlin has offered our listeners a free copy of her compelling Mindset Mastery GuideDon’t miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your side-hustle and push any lingering doubt or fear out of your way.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Caitlin was horrifically fired from her first job, and how it led to the success she now enjoys.
  • The steps Caitlin and her husband have taken to learn about investing and stewarding their new income.
  • Caitlin’s 3 Pillars of Success, which have been critical to her rapid rise to success.
  • How Caitlin’s work has transformed from just proofreading as a side hustle into marketing and coaching others to realize their potential.
  • Caitlin’s inspiring financial philosophy and her “happiness hacks”.

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