EP 58 | How Hannah Found $100K in Her Closet

EP 58 | How Hannah Found $100K in Her Closet

All you regular listeners out there know I LOVE a good side hustle, and today’s guest might be the master of them all! Hannah Ouimet began selling her clothes online on a whim at just 19. Four years later, she owns her own business and has made over $200,000 selling clothes on the popular app Poshmark.

In this episode, Hannah and I discuss how she downloaded Poshmark on its launch day and began her journey. She shares some of the many entrepreneurial lessons she’s learned along the way, including the importance of reinvesting into your business. Hannah also talks about how her love of fashion inspires her to work hard every day, to the extent that her side hustle has become her full-time job.

Hannah and I also chat about what it’s like for her to have become an entrepreneur so young, and how some other people in the space have mentored her. Hannah’s success is a great example of how you can turn a hobby or passion into a profitable side gig to make some extra cash. If you’re a fashion junkie, I’m sure you’ll be fascinated by this episode and pick up some great tips!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Hannah accidentally discovered that women on the internet would buy the clothes in her closet.
  • Hannah’s exact process for earning (at the time of recording) over $200,000 selling clothes on Poshmark.
  • What Hannah has learned about entrepreneurship since starting at just the age of nineteen.
  • What it was like for Good Morning America to show up on Hannah’s doorstep & peek inside her closet!
  • Hannah’s best discount fashion shopping tips.

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