EP 61 | Profit Boss® Radio | Financial Success: It Takes a Village with Everyday Heroine: Katie

EP 61 | Profit Boss® Radio | Financial Success: It Takes a Village with Everyday Heroine: Katie

Welcome back, Profit Boss®es! I’m opening this episode a little differently today. I’m going to start recording my intros a little closer to episode release time, so I can cover super-recent financial news for you. That way, you’re up to date on everything you might need to know in your financial life.

Katie is the next everyday heroine to be featured in our Everyday Heroine series. She started out in a low-paying government position that was not fulfilling. Now, she earns $160,000 annually and has made the jump to an organization that she loves. She and her husband have over $100,000 in savings and $230,000 in their investment accounts. In this interview, Katie shares with us how she turned the philosophy that healed a cancer diagnosis into a life philosophy that has served her well on the road to financial abundance.

We start off by delving into Katie’s background to understand how her attitudes toward money developed, especially as the child of a CPA. We then stroll down her memory lane to discuss significant money milestones. She picked up subtle lessons from what her parents taught, and recalls how they rallied around her personally and financially when she most needed it.

Throughout Katie’s extraordinary journey to fulfillment, she maintained a close connection with her parents and supportive friends and coaches. Her experience overcoming cancer coincided with a new philosophy of managing and earning money. We talk about how Katie was able to take charge of her professional life, tap into opportunities, and regain control of her financial life by seeking help – both personally and professionally – for guidance on her career and life alike.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The wake-up call that helped Katie realize her current salary wouldn’t support her long-term dreams.
  • Katie shares how her parents’ Money Operating System impacted her in both good and not-so-good ways.
  • The surprising impact a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis had on Katie’s mindset about money.
  • How she transitioned from being a municipal employee — dissatisfied with both compensation and professional fulfillment — to her current executive role in corporate HR.
  • How Katie was able to approach key individuals while in search of financial coaching and professional mentorship.


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