EP 77 | The 7 Steps to Wealth

EP 77 | The 7 Steps to Wealth

Episode 77 | Profit Boss® Radio

In this episode, I share with you what will become the guiding principles for being a profit boss: the seven steps to wealth. The ideas covered today are so important that I’m making this an anchor episode, meaning I’ll refer back to it over time. I feel that strongly about this valuable information because I know if you learn, internalize, and embody these steps, you will achieve financial freedom. Mastering money is a learnable skill, and one that I want you to master. Listen in to today’s episode as I talk you through exactly what it takes to get there.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

The 7 steps to wealth:
  • Decide (07:50)
  • Plan (18:38)
  • Speak (31:41)
  • Ask (36:15)
  • Earn (41:27)
  • Invest (48:46)
  • Protect (54:35)
  • Signs that you haven’t decided to be rich (and why it’s so important that you do).
  • How to make saving much easier.
  • The truth behind the myth that over-spenders are irresponsible or shortsighted.
  • What makes people 60% more likely to increase their savings rate over time.
  • Why you need a wealth plan.
  • The truth about the stock market that most people never learn.

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