EP 82 | 4 Keys to Master Your Career

EP 82 | 4 Keys to Master Your Career

Episode 82 | Profit Boss® Radio

With so many workers experiencing burnout, apathy, and frustration within corporations and small businesses alike, the last thing anyone wants to spend energy on is career progression. At the rate of change within just about any industry, no job is secure. Why do so many of us feel like we’ve reached a career stall? Politics, inability to get promoted, fear of asking for a raise, and even office harassment can play a part in career stagnation and unhappiness. Today on ProfitBoss, I want to show you that there is hope for a positive change within easy reach.

My guest today is Tim Cole, author of The Compass Solution and a longtime Executive in Healthcare who has gone through 24 restructures within his company. Tim will share with you his hard-won wisdom about how to have a successful career with ease. Using practical, strategic thinking tools, Tim guides us through some of our most common career hang-ups.

It’s time to start strategizing about your career, even if you are happy in your job! With Tim’s strategic mindset tools, you can work for an excellent company, have some more career stamina, or make a long-lasting impact wherever you are. I think this is required listening for any Profit Boss! Jump in and find out exactly what it’ll take to transform your career.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The concept of “personal accountability” and what that means for you and your passions.
  • How you can combat Severe Career Blindness through strategic thinking.
  • Practical steps to avoid burnout.
  • How you can survive corporate Politics.
  • The unique challenges for female executives.

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