EP 87 | Building a Financial Tribe to Kickstart Your Goals

EP 87 | Building a Financial Tribe to Kickstart Your Goals

Episode 87 | Profit Boss® Radio

Student debt, or debt of any kind, is a weight that impacts your entire life. The weight of debt carries a range of emotions from shame, anxiety, and depression to feelings of isolation and inadequacy. Many women struggle to find peace with that debt, let alone financial freedom. Typical debt solutions are often oversimplified—extreme budgeting, cutting back on lattes…there has to be more we can do. There has to be someone we can turn to! For a while, there wasn’t. That is exactly where my guest Melanie Lockert saw a need, and why she created a community as a response to that need First, Erica Mandy brings us our special finance edition of The NewsWorthy. Find out how you can win a ticket to Profit Boss Live, just by subscribing. Spots are still open for my Live event. If you are an airplane ride of San Jose and you are ready to get serious about your financial freedom, you need to be here. In my interview with Melanie Lockert, author of Dear Debt, you will hear all about how she accumulated and then “broke up with” over $80,000 of debt. Melanie candidly shares all of her frustrating setbacks and financial miracles that allowed her to run a successful freelancing gig and pay off her debt. She will talk all about her personal struggle with some of the emotional weight of student debt, and the power of the into her side hustle which allowed her to pay it off in less than 4 years. Melanie will discuss why you shouldn’t go on income repayment assistance programs, the power of building a tribe of women around you, and the miracles that happen when you start taking your goals seriously. Melanie is full of hope, practical advice, and plenty of inspiring stories. She is proof that the hard work you put in really pays off. Don’t let the weight of debt keep you down. It is time to take your financial freedom seriously. Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Melanie decided to “break up” with debt in just four years.
  • How to make it work with low paying jobs and high debt anxiety.
  • How the Dear Debt blog came to be.
  • Why writing down your goals is so important for progress.
  • Working the side hustle that then built up into a business.
  • Training to see financial opportunities when you are looking for them.
  • The power of community and having people in your corner.
  • Accountability allows you to stay in check.
  • How the Lola Retreat got started.
  • Sharing stories from other women allowed Melanie to change her own story.

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