EP 8 | Profit Boss® Radio | Upgrade Your Money Operating System™

EP 8 | Profit Boss® Radio | Upgrade Your Money Operating System™

This week on Profit Boss® Radio, we’re doing something different with this very special episode. Today, I have not just one, but five incredible short interviews in one episode, all aimed at helping you to upgrade your Money Operating System®.

I first introduced the technology of the Money Operating System® back in my TEDx talk. While you can go to my YouTube channel to listen to this talk, check out my bonus episode that comes out this Thursday, just for my podcast listeners.

In this episode, I share some upgrades to the Money OS® that I feel can help make a difference in your money life. We are all slaves to our Money Operating Systems®, good or bad. My belief is that every bit of financial empowerment that we so desperately want for ourselves begins with admitting that the Money Operating System® is simply a superstition, or a belief.

My guests this week are all past students of mine, including my husband, that have come back to talk about their Money OS®. They have taken the time to analyze their Money Operating System®, and are here to show you that it’s just a superstition!

Until you uncover and take apart your Money OS® beliefs, you will sabotage yourself financially and  will never be able to truly experience success. My goal for this episode is to help you understand that anything is possible once you get to a place where you are wondering what you can accomplish. So turn up the volume and listen in! I hope you find it incredibly valuable and helpful to figure out why money works for you the way it does.


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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What happens when you think there is never enough money.
  • Why Sandi still charges on a sliding scale.
  • How a “use it while you have it” money belief can affect a relationship.
  • What made Nadia save money under her mattress.
  • Why Russian speakers can see more blues than English speakers.
  • Why my husband’s Money Operating System® was so radically different from his parents.



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