EP 102 | Creative & Flexible Ways to Make More Money

EP 102 | Creative & Flexible Ways to Make More Money

EP 102 | Profit Boss® Radio

When it comes to taking control of your finances, many of us are seeking out new opportunities to make money. Flexible careers offer creative ways to make money on your terms. Thanks to technology, more and more companies are open to remote workers, telecommuting, or a hybrid between remote and in-office time. Now more than ever before, you can choose a career opportunity to fit your lifestyle so that you can finally have career happiness.

Here to help us better understand all of the flexible working opportunities available is Brie Reynolds. Brie represents FlexJobs.com, a website and job resource that curates all of the available flexible working opportunities from across the globe. You will be surprised to find that remote work opportunities are not just for transcription or customer service! You’ll find listings like “Remote Neurosurgeon” and “Hybrid Business Administration” among their wealth of listings.  Today, Brie will explain Flex Job’s process, and why their site is unique. Flex Jobs truly has the job seeker in mind, so if you are looking for a bit more freedom in your schedule, this is the cite for you!

Flexible working is so much more than working from home. It also means that, if the employer is open, that you can work literally anywhere in the world. Financial freedom might look a lot like choosing your own schedule and work environment, and I think that is pretty great. Brie is on a mission to help you discover career happiness, and that is precisely what ProfitBoss Radio is all about!

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The most misunderstood aspects of flexible working.
  • There are surprising opportunities out there for you.
  • Usually, flexible working is a hybrid situation.
  • How to begin finding flexible jobs in your field.
  • The difference between telecommuting, working remotely, and a hybrid situation.
  • Discover the careers that seem to be growing the most when it comes to flexibility.
  • You open up your business to a wider variety of candidates when you hire remotely.
  • The downsides of working remotely.
  • Are flex working opportunities going away?
  • People are measurably happier when they get control over their time.
  • How to stand out in an online application.
  • Learn how to spot the scam jobs.
  • Compensation is usually the same for these flexible job opportunities.
  • Why Flex Jobs is different than other job sites.
  • Flex Jobs is all about the job seeker.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Looking for a Flex Job? Visit https://hilaryhendershott.com/flexjobs and use the code profitbossfj to get a 30% discount.
  • Ignite Investing

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