EP 59 | #AskHilary: Top 10 Worst Advice I’ve Heard on Financial Podcasts

EP 59 | #AskHilary: Top 10 Worst Advice I’ve Heard on Financial Podcasts

Episode 59 | Profit Boss® Radio

Profit Boss®, I listen to a lot of other financial podcasts. I want to know what’s out there, the topics other shows are covering, and the kind of advice other hosts give their audiences. So it’s no surprise that I come across a LOT of bad advice, and I think it’s important to debunk faulty claims so that you’re properly prepared. Today I’m running through the top 10 worst pieces of advice I’ve heard on other shows. I explain the claims, break them down, and give you some tips for recognizing incorrect or ill-intentioned advice. It’s crucial that you learn how to separate misleading ideas from the good stuff, so you can move on and keep building a well-informed and healthy financial life. Among the things I talk about today: investing with a “bucket” strategy, avoiding your 401k, investing in startups, and discount life insurance. I also talk about the regrettable fact that some guests on podcasts simply lie to you, often to trick you into buying their miracle money-making products or services. Remember, there are people that dedicate their lives to studying and teaching this stuff – and they’re probably a better bet than someone trying to sell you something! I hope this episode gives you some tools for recognizing bad advice, so you can continue to be the money-savvy woman you already are (or are becoming)!  

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • If “bucket investing” is a good strategy.
  • What you should do if your 401k has terrible investment options.
  • Why you should absolutely not buy discount life insurance.
  • Whether or not you should invest in gold.
  • If those house-flipping seminars are actually a good way to learn how to increase your wealth.
  • And much more about questionable investing tips and recognizing bad advice!

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