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Are you missing out on profits in your business?

Hilary Hendershott and her mission-oriented team of Certified Profit First Professionals have figured out how to help you earn more profits and keep them in your life.

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Test Your Profit Potential

Receive powerful insights based on years of research that will unlock your ability to grow your business profits and increase your personal net worth!

In a world where most female business owners struggle with money; generating profits and personal wealth is an act of rebellion!

Most business consultants simply teach tactics to make more money; we’re the only ones showing you how to reliably CREATE more profits in your business and then (gasp) actually KEEP more of your profits for yourself!

Complete this assessment to understand your Profit Boss® aptitude, and to find out where you score on each of our key characteristics.

About the Organization

Women-owned businesses are growing in size and stature at an unprecedented rate. In fact, women now make up 30% of all business owners, and that’s increasing 10% each year. However, there’s one area where we women haven’t yet upleveled our game: managing our money– for both ourselves and our businesses.
Hilary Hendershott knows all-too-well the story of “making money, not managing it.” Twenty years ago she found herself $600,000 in debt even though she excelled at business. She decided to call “B.S.” on the money story that so many women tell themselves – that we aren’t capable, or this shouldn’t be our job.
Hilary set out on a mission to get herself out of debt and did it with flying colors. Beyond the joy of that accomplishment, she was left gobsmacked by how simple managing money is when you get beyond the “boy’s club barriers” and just roll up your silk sleeves.

Today Hilary is a Certified Financial Planner™, a self-made multi-millionaire, and still gets lit up every single day by helping women go from disempowered to money mavens in her Money Blueprint® Program.

Hilary and her network of top professionals work directly on your mindset, quickly spotting your problem areas, and developing your personalized plan to bring you clarity, and quite often, more money!
The Profit Potential Assessment is the first step towards getting more flow in your life and cash flow in your business.
It takes less than five minutes – let’s do this. We promise to never sell or share your information.

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