Low-risk doesn’t guarantee growth


Hey Profit Boss, it’s Hilary coming to you today with some hard truth:

Low-risk investments are never guaranteed growth.

Nine out of ten times, the first time I meet with a female investor who is saving for retirement, she is holding a bundle of extremely low-return investments simply because they were categorized as ‘low risk’.

So many investors think being in a ‘low risk’ (their words, not mine) investment automatically protects them from losing money.

It’s not about choosing the right risk level – it’s about choosing investments that give your portfolio the right amount of diversification.

Without diversification, you can still run a high risk of losing principal.

Yes, you should be extremely cautious about introducing risk into your financial life, but you also need to take smart risk to get to your goals.

That’s where we come in.

Your retirement matters too much to rely on assumptions!

There are eight crucial mistakes I see high-net-worth women and couples commit over and over again that risk their retirement.

See how each of these mistakes can affect your retirement with this episode of Profit Boss Radio “8 Investment Mistakes That Can Derail Your Retirement”.

To your prosperity,
Hilary Hendershott


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