EP 149 | 8 Investment Mistakes That Can Derail Your Retirement

EP 149 | 8 Investment Mistakes That Can Derail Your Retirement

Welcome to episode 149 of Profit Boss® Radio! In this episode, I’m taking a peek behind the curtain to reveal the top eight investment mistakes that can derail your retirement.

Why am I covering this topic? Well, because if you are a listener of the show, not yet a client, there is a large possibility that you may be managing your investments on your own, or perhaps you have a relationship with a financial advisor who has saddled you with investments you have mediocre confidence in. If that is the case, I want to equip you with knowledge that can inoculate you against making these common investment missteps that can undermine your ability to reach your full wealth potential. You see, the financial mistakes that can negatively impact your financial trajectory are often the ones you don’t see coming or don’t know to watch out for.

Lucky for you, you’re a listener of Profit Boss® Radio, and I’m about to blow the whistle on investment mistakes that can cost you significantly in retirement. 

Here is what you’ll find out in this episode:

  • Mistake #1: Making Investment Decisions Based on Emotion
    • There is a lot of chatter in the media about the markets. If you listen to what the pundits have to say, you may be swayed to make emotional reactions to the market rather than remaining objective and steadfast.
    • Find out why you should never make emotional investment decisions and how these sorts of decisions usually end up.
  • Mistake #2: Using Name Brand Mutual Funds that Cost Too Much
    • How to know if a mutual fund has high returns
    • Why you should pay attention to how a fund performs relative to the benchmark
    • Why name brand mutual funds are so expensive and who ultimately absorbs the costs
  • Mistake #3: Using Name Brand Mutual Funds that Have Low Rates of Return
    • All of the data we have says that no matter how much they get paid, Wall Street mutual fund managers will under-perform their benchmarks over the long periods. 
    • What the research reveals about name brand mutual fund performance and why you should care.
  • Mistake #4: Owning Individual Stocks
    • Why the average investor will never beat the market
    • What historical data teaches us about individual stock performance

To find out the remaining four common investment mistakes I cover in this episode, be sure to tune in for more insights. 

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