Neuroplasticity = Brain Change


“Hilary, that’s just how my brain thinks about money and that’s how it’s always been.”

I still remember the sadness I felt for her. Here’s this incredible business owner sitting in front of me – she’s talented, highly educated, well-connected, so much potential – and still stuck in this horrible belief.

Her brain latched onto this idea that since she hasn’t been successful with money in the past that it was her forever fate.

Doesn’t that make your heart hurt?

So, we did an exercise in wonder. Instead of saying, “I’m bad with money and it’ll always be that way,” she started asking, “I wonder what it would take to make a great decision with my money this week.”

That’s it. A simple switch, a shift from feeling certain about her relationship with money to wondering what’s possible.

Anyone who knows me – probably even you – will say, “Hilary’s not into woo-woo type of motivation.” You’re right, that’s not me, which is why this isn’t some type of made-up motivator.

It’s the science of neuroplasticity. It’s the fact that you change how your brain thinks about money to align behaviors, habits, and words with greater success for the future.

Try it for yourself. Think of one area and imagine going from certainty to wonder. “I’m always overspending” can become “I wonder what it would take for me to not overspend this week.”

Track your progress. Keep wondering. Your brain is more powerful than you may ever realize. It’s absolutely possible to rewire how you think about money.

All it takes is believing and acting on that belief with small, sustainable decisions that stack on each other’s success.

That’s the secret to becoming a true Profit Boss®.

To your prosperity,
Hilary Hendershott


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