Realistic Recession Series – Part 4: This may be the toughest race you’ve ever run


Hi, it’s Hilary – I’ve told you about my triathlon experience, right?

The short version is I was a competitive swimmer all through college and I still run and swim when I can get some ‘me’ time.

The challenge was the cycling part. It’s as easy as riding a bike – how hard could it be?

In a word, excruciating. It felt like it took me forever just to finish the bike portion of the race.

But what I learned from pedaling every inch of those horrible miles is that when the conditions are tough, you often need to focus on the finish line.

Yes, we know volatility and market corrections are normal for a successful investor’s experience, but that doesn’t necessarily make those moments easier.

That’s why partnering with a behavioral advisory team like ours can give you the quiet confidence and data-driven wisdom you need to keep pushing forward.

Do we truly know exactly what will happen in the economy over the next year or so? No, no one knows with absolute certainty – and if they say they do, that’s a big red flag.

What we do know is that we recently experienced the most robust market bounce back ever in the year following a market meltdown.

The stock market is the greatest generator of wealth in human history and now is a great time to invest!

That’s easy to forget, right? Knowing that truth – and the context of why it matters – can help us keep a clear perspective when the ups and downs continue.

When we decided to publish this series about what to reasonably expect with the looming recession, more than anything else, we did it to remind you that you’re not alone.

And yet, you may be at a place where you need some reassurance, some perspective to help you understand what’s happening in the economy right now.

Based on what we’ve shared over the past few weeks, can you imagine a situation where you may make a financial mistake if you don’t have our team’s support?

Would it be a bad idea to talk about how our team is here to support you?

Generating a great income through your business, protecting your cash flow, and investing for your financial future can often seem like that triathlon seemed to me – an endurance event with a finish far, far in the future.

You may be highly skilled in one area, like building a profitable business, but protecting your cash flow may be to you what biking is to me.

Or it may be that making sound decisions with your investments or keeping your emotions in check during volatility may be an uphill battle for you.

You want to keep pushing forward, to keep pedaling, but it may be getting harder and harder.

Can we help make this stretch easier for you?

You’re invited to connect with our team for a complimentary consultation to talk about your investing journey.

We can have a safe, judgment-free conversation about where you may be struggling – and also where you’re winning!

Our team of advisors can show you what may be on the road ahead, what changes you may need to make to better pace yourself, and how to keep your mind racing toward the finish line.

It starts with scheduling a time for us to connect:


Wherever you may be on your investing journey, we’re here to help you invest with confidence and wisdom in any economic cycle.

To your prosperity,
Hilary and your Hendershott Wealth Management team


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