EP 34 | Profit Boss® Radio | A Woman’s Guide to Financial Fulfillment with Manisha Thakor

EP 34 | Profit Boss® Radio | A Woman’s Guide to Financial Fulfillment with Manisha Thakor

For the second week of Women’s Financial Freedom Month, we’re joined by the spectacular Manisha Thakor. Manisha is not only a CFA and CFP®, she’s also a former investment portfolio manager and an author passionate about helping women empower themselves by understanding money.

Manisha talks about her concept of “money zen” — the point where you don’t worry about money because you’re well-prepared and well-supported — and how you can reach it. She also identifies the three main things that often hold women back from achieving this sense of peace about money and provides some workable solutions for beating these blocks.

Manisha and I then talk quite a bit about investing and why women, in particular, should get comfortable with investing early and often. She also shares some specific advice for women going through a divorce, stemming from her own recent experience.

And, just like last week, I am offering you the chance to have a fifteen-minute initial call. Are you hiring a financial advisor and looking for advice? Do you think we could build a strong financial relationship together? Don’t hesitate to reach out — I’m here to help you build your best life, and this call is a great first step.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The three primary reasons women don’t achieve financial fulfillment.
  • How everybody can become financially knowledgeable, even if they find money very boring.
  • How to invest with less stress and understand different investments (without knowing Wall Street jargon).
  • What Manisha thinks about Socially Responsible Investing and how you can do it wisely.
  • What role a financial advisor should play in helping you achieve your most fulfilling life.


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