EP 93 | From Divorced, Jobless & Broke to Successful Entrepreneur & Owning Her Dream Home with Jackie B

EP 93 | From Divorced, Jobless & Broke to Successful Entrepreneur & Owning Her Dream Home with Jackie B

EP 93 | Profit Boss® Radio

When we think about a hero’s journey, it’s tempting to play up the sweeping dramatic moments and downplay the mundane or sacrificial choices they make to reach that hero status. I have a story for you today that doesn’t pull punches but is just as heroic as any grand adventure we might read about. When I first heard Jackie B’s story, I could feel the strings of my heart being pulled in a million directions. Yes, Jackie is currently living out her dreams, but she had to make hard choices and take calculated risks to get there. To hear her tell it will tug at your emotions in the best way because she is living proof that you can come to your own rescue. Are you ready to feel empowered?

Jackie’s story begins with a tragedy, her divorce. After sixteen years of marriage, no money, no degree, and no job experience, Jackie knew she had to earn a living for her kids. Jackie’s journey begins with a motivation to ensure that her children had every opportunity, and I find that so inspiring. She started her own business selling clothing from the trunk of her car. Jackie took some risks. She borrowed on credit and traded favors. Were her risks worth it? Absolutely!

Jackie found financial freedom by creating and growing a business from literally nothing. She dared to dream big, and she turned those good intentions into reality. Today, Jackie lives in her dream home, has paid college tuition for her 4 children, and has built up a clothing empire. As Jackie tells her story, you will begin to notice that she doesn’t shy away from risks, but remains true to her word. There is no room for self-doubt in Jackie’s business plan. If you are in that space today of wondering if you have what it takes to make it in business, give Jackie’s story a listen. It is quite possibly one of the best interviews I have ever done, and I promise you will walk away inspired.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Jackie starts at the beginning of her money story: with her divorce.
  • How Jackie started choosing her future for her kids.
  • Starting a business from the trunk of her car was a risk that certainly paid off.
  • Jackie refused to be a victim of her circumstances. She wanted her kids to have access to everything.
  • How Jackie’s childhood shaped her relationship to money.
  • Jackie was unstoppable! Hear how she used the credibility of her word to invest in her business.
  • Learn how to be unemotional with your business from Jackie’s cues.
  • The decision of when and how to pay yourself once your business takes off.
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