Infinite flow of wealth with Cathy Heller

female business owner pondering her infinite flow of wealth


Do you know Cathy Heller? We mutually interviewed each other on our podcasts several years ago and I’ve been following her loyally since.

I recently listened in on a coaching season with Cathy that completely affirmed what I’ve said for years about our relationship with money and infinite wealth.

Do yourself a favor and take six minutes to watch this clip from Cathy’s interview:

*If you prefer to read the transcript instead of watching the video, it’s provided at the end of this email.

If Cathy’s message sounds familiar to you, it’s what I’ve been saying in a different way for years through my podcast and our newsletter here.

Why do we want to attract as much meaningful money as possible through our businesses? Because it’s our powerful gift to the world around us.

The challenge is so many amazing female business owners I meet feel their current level of success is ‘good enough’.

You maybe even have that same type of belief that sounds like this:

  • “I don’t need to be a millionaire…”
  • “But Hilary, it’s not about the money…”
  • “I definitely don’t want to be rich, I just want to have enough…”

Did you catch the part where Cathy says it’s imperative for us to balance the feminine with the masculine?

Think about how many women you know who if they won the lottery, they would simply give away as much money as possible.

We as female business owners have bought so many lies about money. You’ve heard it in your own circles when people say things like “That person is ALL about the money…” (It is NOT wrong to care about money!) or “I don’t want to be rich. That seems like way too much work!”

These assumptions, generalizations, and flat-out untruths have deep roots in our money mindsets…

But this is your invitation to rewrite the stories you tell yourself about money. It’s time to step outside negative money assumptions and limitations (really: upper limit problems) and start embracing the flow of wealth aligned with your destiny.

Yes, you can be rich with an effortless, easy state of reality.

Yes, you can bring more of the feminine into an overtly masculine world.

Yes, you do need a million dollars, a billion dollars, even an infinite amount of money because you embody Infinite potential.

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Video Transcript

First part of video:

[Cathy’s coaching session starts with someone who is asking for coaching telling her she doesn’t need a billion dollars…] This is her response: I just want to correct one thing that you just said. You *do* need a billion dollars. You need a trillion dollars. You need an infinite amount, because you are The Infinite. 

The “you” that says “I don’t need it” is the part of you that never has it anyway! 

It’s your ego, YOU’RE never even going to have a hundred dollars. You don’t HAVE it, you’re a conductor of it – and us – as the one ocean which we are. That’s the other thing the ego does. 

That’s all a joke. There’s just one energy field, it’s not separate and some of us just didn’t study Physics. We just don’t get it so we’re locked in the ego. What a bummer! 

But the one “you” the proverbial YOU, it needs an infinite amount of energy because it’s broken when it puts constriction on it. 

Imagine this: We’ve all had this experience, you only buy a certain amount of computer memory. It sucks you have to get a new computer. It looks all fancy. You take it out of the box and then you’re just like well here’s where it stops. 

That’s just a weird thing right? Or you have a data plan and then you get a message 13 days into the month you’ve used it all, and it’s like, “Oh that just doesn’t work at all, I’m gonna need to just have an infinite amount!” 

The only thing that works is the infinite amount. Everything else, it doesn’t work. You can’t have a redwood forest and put a cap on. 

I said to the vet because our little kitten has a cold and I asked, “How much is a healthy amount for a kitten to drink?”, because I want to keep my eyes on how much he drinks but she thought I was asking how much water should I put out for him every day. 

She said, “No, you don’t put a cap on how much. “You put out an endless amount of water for him. You can get one of these fountains that’s just always running – you never want to decide how much water you give.” 

I said “No, no, that’s not what I’m asking…” 

But okay, it’s fine, she just didn’t understand what I wanted. I just wanted to know what would be ideal for him to drink and she was answering don’t put a cap on it – give him as much access to water as possible. We would never decide how much water, just let him drink! But it’s a beautiful thing – it’s like you don’t put a cap on how much access to oxygen somebody should have. 

It should be infinite so stop saying that you don’t need a billion dollars because you do. Your ego doesn’t need a billion dollars and your ego never will have any money because it’s made up and it feels like it’s separate from the world and that’s a big weird illusion. 

But us as a beautiful spinning geometric pattern – which is the whole universe – we just need an infinite flow of energy and quite literally the more YOU – US – we have, and it’s only a “we” – There’s really not a you and me the more we have trillions of dollars you know the more this is gonna flow. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a balance of masculine and feminine energy in the world since that’s how it was designed to be? Wouldn’t it be nice if women pumped through our vortex trillions of dollars and we could level things out and bring some equilibrium and really match the masculine with the feminine, which is how it’s supposed to be. And boy is it synergistic and freaking hot when masculine and feminine have a polarity, but we don’t live in that world right now. 

We live in a masculine world and there’s just a tiny bit of feminine and even the feminine feels as though it’s supposed to be masculine so we’ve got a problem. It’s not so sexy, it’s not so aligned, it’s not supposed to be that way, right? 

We need earth and water, air and sea, we need a balance. So I think women should start saying, “Yeah, bring on trillions we definitely need the universe to be in alignment, and it’s not!” 

Does that make sense?

Second segment of the same podcast episode:

It would be so weird if I sat down to interview Beyonce – and I will at some point – and she said, “If I hit 12 million, I’m gonna drop this whole music thing because it’s gross at that point and nobody needs 13 million dollars.” 

We’d all be like “What are you talking about?” 

There should be no money; it should be all money. It should be everything is nothing because everything is nothing because it’s all a field and you should just be a portal for it and get over yourself. 

What are you taught, why are you in the way, what are you doing, move on right? Make a zillion. I don’t care what number it is, just be in flow. Just be in flow right? She’s not gonna have a thing about 10 million dollars. It’s not going to come up. She’s probably not gonna have a thing about 100 billion. It’s not going to come up for her because she’s just on the current. 

It doesn’t matter, none of that matters, that’s all just material stuff that’s going to get in the way. She just needs to be available to write the next freaking song! That’s it, right? 

She can’t take any of it with her, you know, I mean it’s like she can pump billions through and just do what she does with it and raise all these women to feel that vibration when they leave her concert. They all feel like a queen in their own life. Great – turn on their headlights –  meanwhile, none of it’s taken to the next world. She doesn’t need money in heaven so make as much as you want and just keep pouring it back into this world. THEY need it.


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